Plan for Success in 2010

“The first and crucial question in defining business purpose and business mission is ‘Who is the customer?’” — Peter Drucker It’s hard to believe we’re only 60 days out from 2010 but here we are. If you haven’t done so already, right now is the perfect time to put together a plan to succeed in […]

Looking Ahead to 2010

“People are a resource and not just a cost.” — Peter Drucker Managers everywhere are keeping an eye on various industry forecasts for 2010. While many firms had a successful year due to the refinance market, some of the predictions for 2010 are not for the faint of heart. Analysts in one report believe that […]

Are You Prepared to Compete in a Tougher Market?

“Crossing the divide into the new realities.” — Peter Drucker While the recent refinance market has helped many financial companies and producers have a successful current year in production, change is on the horizon. According to an MBA forecast for 2010, the refinance market is receding and the industry is moving toward a traditional business […]

Is Your Sales Strategy Scattered or Systematic?

“Some of the greatest impediments to effectiveness are the issues of yesterday, which still confine our vision.” — Peter Drucker In nearly every industry segment, I see companies holding on to a “sales by the numbers” strategy where management believes if enough sales professionals are hired, some of them are bound to produce. Sales by […]

The Keys to Better Profitability

“No organization can do better than the people it has.” — Peter Drucker The way I see it, sales managers who want to improve profitability have two choices: reduce costs or increase revenue. While cutting expenses is a great start, you can only go so far with these efforts. The next step is to increase […]