Going Above and Beyond

“The responsible worker has a personal commitment to getting results.” — Peter Drucker As the financial landscape continues to shift, big banks have certainly capitalized on market share but the bigger story I’m hearing is about the astonishingly poor customer service levels delivered by some of the industry’s major players. Financial companies who ignore or […]

Delivering the Goods

“The customer never buys a product. By definition, the customer buys the satisfaction of a want. He buys value.” — Peter Drucker It’s a pattern that’s repeated often in the financial sector: New leadership is brought in and given a short time frame to boost results. As products and price points in the industry become […]

Investing in Future Success

“Continuous improvements in any area eventually transform the operation.” — Peter Drucker If the industry forecasts are even half right, we know business is going to be tougher next year. Working harder won’t be enough to make a difference. Working smarter will. Now is the time to invest in training and education. Evaluate your team’s […]