Extending Your Brand

“People determine the performance capacity of an organization. — Peter Drucker Many large financial institutions invest untold millions advertising their company brands. While publicizing a company logo and tagline tells prospects something about your company, what really defines a brand for customers is the quality of their interaction with the sales person. Every encounter a […]

Three Elements for Sales Success

“What matters in any system is the performance of the whole.” — Peter Drucker Every financial firm wants to improve sales but not every company has the necessary components in place to do so. In my experience, there are three fundamental elements needed for better sales results. First, sales professionals must possess good character. Customers […]

Setting a Positive Tone

“The spirit of an organization is created from the top.” — Peter Drucker In the past few weeks, I have visited some large mortgage banking firms and it strikes me how many senior management teams have lost their enthusiasm for the business. While it is understandable that the industry has been in a major correction […]

Take a Systematic Approach to Problem-Solving

“Continuous improvements in any area eventually transform the operation.” — Peter Drucker Let’s face it. No matter how well you run your sales organization, sometimes problems seem to come out of the blue: Your top producer decides to quit or retire, the market dips, underwriting standards change and the list goes on. When problems arise, […]