Maintaining a High Standard of Excellence

“Precisely because change is a constant, the foundations have to be extra strong.” — Peter Drucker At a recent speaking engagement, I had two very different conversations that illustrate a growing problem in our industry: lowering our standards of excellence. One firm I spoke with said their average production per loan officer was $1 million […]

The First Step in the Change Process

“`What is value to the customer?’ may be the most important question, yet the one least often asked.” — Peter Drucker In my opinion, the most successful financial firms view sales as a process and have adopted a systematic approach to improvement. The first step in any process improvement is to identify how the customer […]

Measuring Long-Term Success

“In an ecology, the ‘whole” has to be seen and understood and the ‘parts’ exist only in contemplation of the whole.” — Peter Drucker When traveling for my consulting business, too often, I see financial firms still using the standard measurement of volume and units to evaluate results. This approach may have been fine 20 […]