Selecting the Right Sales Talent

“Make decisions on people — selection, placement and evaluation — your top priority.” — Peter Drucker In my recent travels, one issue I have noticed is companies that did not “right-size” because of last year’s hot market are just now coming to grips with the fact that 2010 will be challenging. One Top Ten lender […]

Hire Better Quality Salespeople

“Set objectives for attracting and retaining the best people, including goals for performance standards and employee attitudes and skills.” — Peter Drucker One of the trends I’m seeing now is that top producers —A players — are staying with their current employers longer. That means that the available hiring pool is made up of more […]

Hiring Decisions Dictate Future Success

“People decisions are the ultimate — perhaps the only — control of an organization. People determine the performance capacity of an organization.” — Peter Drucker Hiring the right sales person is undoubtedly a manager’s most important task. No other decision has a greater impact on a company’s current and future success. Yet, many managers put […]

Creating Customer Value

“There is only one valid definition of business purpose: to create a customer.” — Peter Drucker Last week, I heard economist Doug Duncan speak on housing finance and the current marketplace. He believes that the “national financial crisis is over and like previous financial crises, this one has shifted from a national problem to a […]