Achieving Optimum Results

“Take steps to expose your people to the best ideas and see to it that they are trained in how to apply them.” — Peter Drucker In today’s limited-resource economy, managers are challenged to get more production from fewer sales professionals. Training can help a company instill change but two important factors must be taken […]

Going for a Deeper Dive

“Know the strengths of each person you hire.” — Peter Drucker One hot topic among financial companies is how to use technology (such as CRM systems) to achieve a “deeper dive” relationship with the customer. The truth is: If the initial face-to-face or phone contact with the sales person isn’t a “Wowing” experience, the best […]

Raising Performance Standards

“Don’t hire a person for what they can’t do; hire them for what they can do.” — Peter Drucker I’ve been traveling a lot recently and it still surprises me how low performance standards seem to have dropped. Companies with an average production of 3 or 4 units a month per sales person is becoming […]

Hiring for Traits Not Experience

“An organization can only perform to the capacity of its individual workers; thus, people decisions must be right.” — Peter Drucker In our industry, one of the most common mistakes I see — at companies of all sizes — is management investing substantial resources in transforming C players into A players. This is a strategy […]

Hire Smart or Manage Tough

“If we didn’t spend four hours on placing a man and placing him right, we’d spend 400 hours on cleaning up after our mistake.” — Peter Drucker Managers today have a choice: Hire smart or manage tough. What this means is that it is worth the effort to spend time upfront to select the right […]