Working Smarter

“All organizations must be capable of change.” — Peter Drucker In my travels, a number of people have been talking about how many more prospects they need today to result in a successful transaction. For example, in the past, if it took 10 prospects to achieve a certain conversion rate, now it requires five times […]

Determining True Value

“Establish specific numerical criteria and goals to measure results.” — Peter Drucker In today’s business climate, it is more important than ever for managers to understand their costs and sources of profitability. One common mistake managers make is analyzing marketing and selling costs only at the gross levels. When aggregating at a gross level, management […]

Focusing Outward to Improve Results

“The test of an innovation is whether it creates value.” — Peter Drucker Managers who want to improve their sales results often look at the sales funnel first. The problem with this approach is that a sales funnel is not precise enough for an analysis and improvement process. Only a sales process can be managed […]

A Path of Continuous Improvement

“The organization’s function is to put knowledge to work.” — Peter Drucker There is no doubt that ongoing training is essential for better sales performance but how and when sales training is implemented can make a difference in the final results. In my travels, I still see companies using a one-size-fits-all approach and throwing away […]