The Key to Better Production

“Don’t hire people based on your instincts. Have a process in place to research and test applicants thoroughly” — Peter Drucker At financial firms large and small, I hear from managers who are struggling with how to increase individual production on their sales teams. This may seem like a development issue but the heart of […]

Back to Basics for Better Results

“The ability to connect and thus, to raise the yield of existing knowledge is learnable.” — Peter Drucker For managers, the pressure to push sales teams to achieve optimum performance has never been greater than right now. While it’s tempting to look for a “magic bullet” to correct performance problems, the most effective approach is […]

Customer Value Is King

“What does the customer consider value?” — Peter Drucker Value creation in marketing and sales is a fundamental issue that companies must address for long-term success. From what I’ve observed in my consulting practice, marketing and sales are typically separate silos. The all-too-common debate between the two boils down to this: Marketing argues for more […]

Looking Beyond the Latest Technology

“Specialized knowledge by itself produces nothing.” — Peter Drucker During interviews, one of my clients asks sales candidates if they communicate with customers via a blog, Twitter or other social media. This can be important but not for the reason you might think. Technology by its very nature is always evolving so being technologically savvy […]