Innovating for Future Success

“The most effective way to manage change successfully is to create it.” — Peter Drucker I recently read a comment by economist and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman that I found interesting. In essence, he said that many of the major players are warning against unconventional measures regarding the national economy but Krugman says, […]

Staying Innovative to Succeed

“Every organization needs one core competence: innovation.” — Peter Drucker In my travels, I’m hearing a lot of discussion about the Federal Reserve’s recent compensation changes for sales people in the financial industry. There seem to be two camps of thinking on the topic. One group believes the changes foretell the end of our industry […]

What the Customer Wants

“Find out what needs your customers want fulfilled today.” — Peter Drucker On the surface, it may seem like the relationship between the sales person and the customer has changed over the years. Certainly it’s true that customers have unprecedented access to information that can help them during the buying process. In addition, the sheer […]

Growing the Customer’s Business

“Does your organization sacrifice the long-term wealth-producing capacity of the enterprise to produce short-term results?” — Peter Drucker Recently, I spoke with a top producer who in the last few years has moved from wholesale to reverse mortgages and now is going back to wholesale. Even though she has not done wholesale in two years, […]