Adding Value to Prospects

“The ability to connect and thus to raise the yield of existing knowledge is learnable.” — Peter Drucker In our industry, I still encounter sales professionals who see their job as getting as many people into the sales funnel whether the prospects are ready or not. According to this “sales is a number game” theory, […]

Meeting Customer Expectations

“Take information responsibility by getting the right information to the right people at the right time’” — Peter Drucker In my conversations with managers on the current challenges facing our industry, one particular insight has come to light: Gone are the days when a sales person simply made the sale and walked away. Customers are […]

Improving the Hiring Odds

“Don’t hire a person for what they can’t do; hire them for what they can do.” — Peter Drucker What I’m hearing in the field is how difficult it is to hire good people. Some financial firms are having to interview 50 candidates before hiring one good sales person. While this means more time and […]