The Fundamentals of Success

“Core competencies meld customer value with a special ability of the producer.” — Peter Drucker Even though each company has a different sales process, there are fundamental steps that apply to every stage of the sales process. Namely, the sales person has to: do something that enhances trust; obtain important information about the customer to […]

Making the Customer Connection

“A business is defined by the want the customer satisfies when she or he buys a product or a service.’” — Peter Drucker No matter how successful a sales person has been in the past or how many years that individual has racked up in the industry, one sales skill can make or break a […]

Choosing Quality Over Quantity

“Make decisions on people your top priority. Spend more time on these decisions so that you will not have to ‘repent at leisure.’” — Peter Drucker I recently noticed a disturbing trend in our industry: Companies are rewarding managers based on the number of sales people hired. The problem with this approach concerns hiring quantity […]