Dismantling the Status Quo

“Every organization needs one core competence: innovation.” — Peter Drucker According to Harvard Business School, one of the main reasons companies fail is when “the way we’ve always done it” becomes the norm. Most firms make incremental changes but the fact of the matter is the business “model” has changed significantly. Firms who fail to […]

Embracing Change for Long-Term Success

“In a period of rapid structural change, the only ones who survive are the change leaders.” — Peter Drucker In the financial services industry, there is only one aspect that remains constant: change. The external environment is in a continual state of flux. What appears to be a calm market is really the status quo […]

Improve Results with Sales Process Mapping

“Measure innovations by what they contribute to market and customer.” — Peter Drucker Mapping out the sales process is an important step for firms that want to improve sales performance. No training or implementation of any new technology should be undertaken unless the mapping has been done first. Useful sales process maps start with asking: […]

Hiring for Success in 2011

“Does your organization sacrifice the long-term wealth-producing capacity of the enterprise to produce short-term results?” — Peter Drucker In today’s tougher sales market, there is no room for underperformers. Every sales person must be able to capture new sources of business. Just because a sales candidate has prior experience and has met all licensing requirements […]