Validating Assumptions for Better Results

“Assumptions about environment, mission and core competencies must fit reality.” — Peter Drucker In my consulting business, I see financial firms employing the standard solutions or what I call the “usual fixes” to improve results. These include new CRM systems, faster origination systems, one-day sales training workshops and increased advertising to name a few. While […]

Making the Next Leap

“The greatest and most dangerous turbulence today results from the collision between the delusions of the decision-makers and the realities.” — Peter Drucker I recently watched the movie “The Social Network” about the founding of Facebook. To me, most interesting was Mark Zuckerberg’s willingness to make dramatic changes from the status quo at critical points […]

Changing for the Better

“Make systematic improvement a priority.” — Peter Drucker Why do companies fail? According to the Harvard Business School, one of the most prevalent reasons is assuming that what worked in the past will work in the future. One small example is how managers conduct conference calls. Many don’t prepare properly for the calls even though […]