The First Step in Successful Coaching

“Make decisions on people your top priority.” — Peter Drucker When a sales person is under-performing, many managers often implement a training solution as a next step. However, there are cases when training is not the answer. The reality is that not every sales person is a match for the business. This means that the […]

The Risk of an Unstructured Sales Process

“If performance is to be improved, we need to define clearly what ‘performance’ means.” — Peter Drucker At a number of the companies I visit, the prevailing wisdom is often to let each sales person sell according to his or her preference. If corporate steps in and puts a sales structure or system in place, […]

The Performance Percentage

“Maximize the wealth-producing capacity of the enterprise.” — Peter Drucker Amid the changing landscape of the financial services industry, I believe the companies who increase their percentage of top performers will come out ahead. The reason? As a matter of course, top producers are not only adept at figuring out how to deal with challenging […]

Maintaining a Winning Edge

“Only when knowledge is used as the foundation for skill does it become productive.” — Peter Drucker Companies that want to stay on the leading edge must be committed to not only hiring better quality sales people but to providing ongoing training for current hires for best results. The first step in effective training is […]