Leveraging Social Media

“Major changes always start outside of an organization.” — Peter Drucker In our industry, there has been much discussion about the use of social media as part of the origination process. What we’ve found is that social media is really a tool used by the top sales people, primarily for prospecting. In our experience, below-average […]

Target Training for Coaching Excellence

“Knowledge workers must have continuous learning built into their tasks.” — Peter Drucker A key component of a successful coaching program is training sales professionals on the right pre-sales, sales and post-sales activities. Sales activity training topics encompass six essential areas. They are: Prospecting/Pre-qualifying; First Meeting/First Impression; Probing/Presenting; Overcoming Objectives; Influencing/Convincing; and Closing. In order […]

Maximizing Coaching Effectiveness

“Look at people as resources to be developed.” — Peter Drucker One of the keys to an effective coaching program is for managers to invest time with those sales professionals who will yield the greatest ROI. There are four primary categories of employees: star performers who are high performance, high potential; new hires who are […]

The Myth of the Producing Manager

“Keep your eye on the task, not on yourself. The task matters and you are a servant.” — Peter Drucker It’s a common scenario: a top producer is moved into a management position so he or she can help others achieve the same level of high performance. After all, the producer should know how to […]

What Is Coaching?

“Take steps to expose your people and yourself to the best ideas and see to it that they are trained in how to apply them.” — Peter Drucker In our industry, many managers mistakenly believe that coaching involves motivating or counseling sales employees. However, coaching is really a process to improve the sales person’s performance […]