Targeting Gen Y Prospects

“Opportunity is where you find it, not where it finds you.” — Peter Drucker Generation Y is the next consumer population entering their “home-buying” years and industry reports predict that this group will account for 30% of homeowners by 2015. The most ethnically diverse and technologically savvy of our time, Gen Y prospects will need […]

Cultivating Long-Term Success

“Core competencies meld customer value with a special ability of the producer.” — Peter Drucker One of the biggest issues facing lenders right now is the need to bring new sales professionals into the business. Because of recent industry reconfigurations, many firms find that they have a gap between seasoned sales professionals who have already […]

Social Media as Prospecting Tool

“The focus of the organization must be on opportunities rather than on problems.” — Peter Drucker We recently surveyed 1,000 loan officers for a panel I moderated on “The Secrets of Top Producers and Their Use of Social Media.” What we found is that social media use in originators is less a function of age […]