The Myth of Call Reluctance

“Don’t hire a person for what they can’t do; hire them for what they can do.”— Peter Drucker Anyone who has been in financial sales for any length of time has heard the term “call reluctance.” While there are entire training programs, books and videos devoted to correcting this “problem,” I believe call reluctance is […]

The Secret to Long-Term Profitability

“The most important thing is that the person and the assignment fit each other.”— Peter Drucker While our industry has undergone sweeping changes in recent years such as the demise of the refi boom and the drop in housing values, what it takes to succeed in the long run remains the same: hiring top quality […]

Three Keys to Sales Success

“Continuous improvements in any area eventually transform an operation.”— Peter Drucker What is the secret to sales success in origination? For one of our clients, a top 15 national player, a three-pronged strategy helped the company boost production per loan officer by 33 percent over its peers while reducing turnover by 41 percent over the […]