Retaining Top Producers

“Management must enable the enterprise and each of its members to grow and develop as needs and opportunities change.”— Peter Drucker What does it take to retain top sales performers? While it may seem that compensation is a primary factor, there are many other reasons top producers move to another company. One often-overlooked component is […]

Staying Ahead of the Curve

“Take responsibility for your own career.”— Peter Drucker It’s been said that change is the only true constant and that maxim certainly applies to the financial services industry. Top sales producers tend to thrive in times of change because they realize that what worked yesterday may not work today. Their willingness to let go of […]

Mastering the Sales Sequence

“Outline the skills required in your work. Analyze and refine these skills for optimum quality and productivity.”— Peter Drucker Every completed sale is the result of countless small steps taken by the sales person to move the sales process to fruition. These sales activities can be grouped into six primary categories that are critical for […]