Values and Mortgage Banking

Recently, Greg Smith, a former Goldman Sachs executive, wrote in a NY Times Op-Ed article that he was leaving the firm because it had changed values from looking out for the customer to making as much money as possible by whatever means necessary. According to Smith, Goldman views clients as “muppets” and does not really […]

Making the Grade in Consultative Sales

Last week, at the 2012 MBA Regional Conference in Atlantic City, N.J., I presented our study results on what originators really know about sales knowledge. In Fall 2011, we tested more than 100 LOs at four national firms on the six critical components of the sales process. What we found was that even “experienced” LOs […]

Sales Success and Internal Drivers

Why is it that experienced salespeople who once were successful seem unable to adjust to changing circumstances? You see it in sports and sales often. For example, my favorite baseball team, the Phillies (I admit I am a longtime fan—even when they had 10,000 losses!) have had a successful track record but in the last […]