Innovating for the Future

Recently, I was speaking to sales teams on the West Coast about the new consultative selling rules. One common concern that I heard: Many in sales leadership positions feel they do not have the right direct managers in place to handle the market changes that will inevitably occur when rates finally increase and originators must […]

Does Your Sales Force Know How to Prospect?

In my recent travels to mortgage lenders across the country, I’ve been hearing a common refrain: Sales professionals continue to struggle with prospecting in the current purchase-money marketplace. There is no doubt that superior prospecting skills are more critical than ever for success in the “new” world of mortgage origination. Producers are under the gun […]

The Truth about Enhancing Sales Ability

One of the latest cultural trends is the pursuit of games that can make an individual smarter. Many companies including Nintendo are coming out with games that supposedly increase cognitive performance. It seems that organizations of all types — from schools to the military — have embraced the concept that intelligence is a trainable quality. […]