Fixing the Top Producer Shortage

Last week, while visiting clients in Dallas, I shared national information regarding the performance of originators in our industry. The data shows that the top 10 percent of producers at any mortgage company originate a whopping 39 percent of the volume. (See attached slide). The remaining 90 percent originate the rest of the volume. In […]

How to Evaluate Assessment Testing

This week, I wanted to continue our discussion on how companies should evaluate assessment vendors. I have provided a link below that outlines key legal issues and requirements associated with using pre-hire assessment testing. In these litigious times, when potential sales candidates can easily file a lawsuit, proper screening of assessment vendors is mandatory. Click […]

Identifying Quality Originators

In my recent visits to lenders, the question of what makes a good sales assessment has come up. The issue is a hot topic because more management teams regard the quality of originators as an essential factor for success in mortgage banking. Hiring the right people who can sell is critical for companies that have […]

The Keys to a Successful Sales Model

In many sales organizations, the question of how to improve sales talent is now on the front burner for management teams. Certainly, having a specific set of personality traits is critical for success in mortgage origination (as our research has shown). But even when sales professionals have the required personality characteristics, not every top producer […]