Your Best Training Investment

Last week, I discussed why quality first-line managers (FLMs) drive success in a sales organization. There is no question that FLMs have a significant impact — whether negative or positive — on a firm’s sales results. That is precisely why companies with limited training dollars should invest in developing FLMs before originators. Yes, I said […]

First-Line Managers: Why Quality Matters

Last week, I covered the three essential components of a positive culture in a sales organization. One of the fundamental drivers is the quality of the first-line manager (FLM). This email will discuss why having a great sales manager is so critical to a sales organization’s long-term success. It is easy to recognize that a […]

How to Develop a Positive Culture

Today, I would like to continue our discussion on the importance of having a positive culture in a sales organization. While the research is clear that companies with a positive culture outperform those without one, the real question is how does a manager instill a positive culture within his or her group? A positive culture […]

Why a Positive Culture Matters

During my visits to mortgage lenders last month, it was evident pretty quickly which firms had a strong culture and which ones did not. Why does having a strong positive culture matter in today’s marketplace? When everyone offers essentially the same products with about the same prices, what really differentiates a company from the competition […]