Making the Grade in a Post-Refi Market

As we move through the second half of 2012, many managers are wondering how to successfully prepare for a post-refinance marketplace including how to train current staff to meet new market conditions. In my consulting practice, re-engineering a sales staff from order-takers to sales professionals is an issue that I am frequently asked to address. […]

Going for the Gold in Origination

Watching the Olympics in the last few weeks has been exciting and inspiring with the performance of Michael Phelps, Missy Franklin and many others. I was especially impressed with several athletes who had won silver medals in prior Olympics but came back to London to compete for the gold. Allyson Felix (the winner of the […]

Are you still hiring “mad dogs”?

I recently spoke to an experienced mortgage executive about an increasingly common problem: the “order-taker” originator. The executive described the following scenario: The producer has an inconsistent sales track record, some months originating three units but most months less than that. Five years ago, the originator made a six-figure income. Today, the individual makes half […]