Can Your Originators Deliver Trust?

As the market changes, the ability of the originator to deliver trust to the customer is more critical than ever. Without instilling trust, originators cannot develop relationships needed to facilitate future business. In Sally Hogshead’s excellent book, Fascinate: Your 7 Triggers to Persuasion and Captivation, she describes trust as the most nuanced, fragile and hardest […]

How to Master Remote Managing

One hot topic in my recent training classes is how difficult it is to manage remotely. As we all know, the days of managers sharing the same office with their employees have faded away largely due to expense reasons. The problem is that remote managers no longer have the spontaneous daily interactions with employees that […]

The Myth of Multi-tasking

While most sales managers in mortgage origination value producers who can multi-task, the emphasis placed on multi-tasking in our industry is out of proportion to the potential benefits received. It seems reasonable to believe that producers working on several things simultaneously will be more effective but recent research does not support this idea. The truth […]

When Originators Won’t Prospect

In recent conversations with managers, one of the questions I hear most frequently is what to do about salespeople who won’t prospect for new business. For many managers, this issue is especially perplexing because the majority of originators who fail to prospect have years of experience in the industry and may have been successful in […]