Is Relationship-Selling Dead?

Recently, I conducted a training class for managers on coaching and developing originators. The managers were asked to identify who they coach and what topics they instruct on. Many managers said that since they have very experienced originators (on average 20 years in mortgage production), coaching is primarily on products and back office process. Managers […]

Are Your Originators True Sales Professionals?

Last week, I spoke at the American Bankers Association (ABA) Real Estate Conference on top producer’s characteristics, sales models and point-of-sales techniques. These topics are especially relevant considering current market conditions. My company specializes in predicting above-average producers and I am always glad to share what we have learned. During the last week, several articles […]

Three Keys to Persuasive Presentations

Last week, I discussed one of the biggest issues managers face today: Their originators cannot present effectively to clients and prospects. With most originators averaging 20 years in the business, the question is how has this happened? In my opinion, managers have been lulled into thinking that “experienced” originators have the skills to present effectively […]