When Originators Won’t Prospect

In recent conversations with managers, one of the questions I hear most frequently is what to do about salespeople who won’t prospect for new business. For many managers, this issue is especially perplexing because the majority of originators who fail to prospect have years of experience in the industry and may have been successful in […]

Two Fatal Mistakes Originators Make

Last week, I discussed common mistakes that managers make when coaching originators. This week I would like to cover what I believe are the two biggest errors originators make that prevent sales success. They are: 1. Not creating a personal sales system — Originators who “wing it” have a haphazard sales approach. These individuals never […]

The Top Three Mistakes Managers Make

As we move toward 2014, many companies are deciding how to compete in a non-refinance marketplace. I’ve noticed several common refrains managers use to improve employee performance, that in my view, simply don’t work. Dan Kennedy’s book, “No B.S. Sales Success in the New Economy,” discusses these issues in greater detail. According to Kennedy, three […]