Two Fatal Mistakes Originators Make

Last week, I discussed common mistakes that managers make when coaching originators. This week I would like to cover what I believe are the two biggest errors originators make that prevent sales success. They are: 1. Not creating a personal sales system — Originators who “wing it” have a haphazard sales approach. These individuals never […]

The Top Three Mistakes Managers Make

As we move toward 2014, many companies are deciding how to compete in a non-refinance marketplace. I’ve noticed several common refrains managers use to improve employee performance, that in my view, simply don’t work. Dan Kennedy’s book, “No B.S. Sales Success in the New Economy,” discusses these issues in greater detail. According to Kennedy, three […]

How to Give Effective Feedback to Your Sales Staff

Recently, I discussed why coaching drives sales performance and helps originators learn new skills and why standards must be in place so the individual being coached understands the expected performance requirements. Today, I would like to share the most important key to successful coaching: effective feedback. Feedback is about the manager giving direction so the […]

Have you taken the first step in coaching?

Last week, I discussed why coaching is the most important component of a manager’s position. Effective coaching by the direct manager ensures that new behaviors are adopted by the originator. Otherwise, the sales person will revert back to their old habits at the first signs of stress. As we move into a more difficult marketplace, […]

How to Transition to a New Market Environment

With the market changing to purchase money, I am often asked what sales training senior executives can implement to help their sales staff make the transition successfully. Senior managers are startled when I tell them that the best training investment a company can make is to train their sales managers on how to effectively coach […]

Three Simple Strategies for Long-Term Success

In recent conversations with senior managers, the rise of interest rates has hit home and the discussion of how to move their sales forces forward is now on the front-burner. Many want to know how the best companies in the industry are handling the inevitable transition from a predominantly refinance market to a purchase money […]

It is Time to Fine-Tune or Transform?

In my recent conversations with senior executives, it is generally recognized that with rising interest rates, the time is quickly approaching when critical changes will be needed in their sales organizations. The question that most are grappling with is should changes be incremental or transformational? While it would be nice to say that the correct […]