Ready to Make Better Business Decisions?

All managers believe they make smart, rational business decisions. When determining the right strategy, they will tell you that they research, weigh their options and execute. But when the decision doesn’t work out, things get complicated. To protect their initial decision, many managers opt to keep investing either time, money or both in the hopes […]

Three Issues to Master for Success in 2015

As we close out this year, it makes sense to discuss what actions managers need to take to ensure sales success going forward. In my experience, managers often misunderstand what drives success in mortgage origination. In Aligning Strategy and Sales, a great book by Frank Cespedes, the author covers the choices, systems and behaviors managers […]

7 Strategies for Sales Success in 2015

As we get closer to 2015, many management teams are looking to identify new opportunities for growth to increase revenue. Some companies pursue mergers and acquisitions while others roll out new products and pricing. Regardless of what strategies your company traditionally uses, it is worth exploring a wide range of opportunities for maximum growth. Global […]

Are You Hiring for Talent and Culture?

Last week, I attended the annual MBA convention and not surprisingly, many of my conversations with executives were about why the hiring strategy of pirating veteran originators from other companies no longer works. One executive even lamented how she was tired of pacifying originators who made $750,000 in the past and now were earning only […]

Are Your Originators Selling Value or Price?

In recent conversations with sales managers, the most common refrain I hear is that we need originators who can sell value, not price. I have always believed that selling value is the fundamental role of the originator and mandatory for a sales organization’s success. The problem is that value may look slightly different to each […]