More Originators or Better Originators?

As we move into what promises to be a challenging year, sales managers are facing the age-old issue: How do I make my business revenue goals amid rising interest rates and tighter underwriting guidelines? A tough combo. For many sales managers, the answer is to add “more feet on the street.” While this strategy has […]

Are You Ready to Capture Gen Y Business?

By 2017, Gen Y will be the largest generation. This fact, more than any other, will demand a new mindset for sales organizations who want to capture business from this critical population segment of potential home buyers. A number of recent surveys indicate that the new generation will impact the marketplace in the following ways: […]

The Cure for Common Call Reluctance

One common complaint I hear from managers today is that their originators won’t visit referral sources to generate new business. While some originators claim that that they have tried in the past and can’t get into a real estate office because it is a closed shop, the truth is that they haven’t tried and managers […]

Is it time for evolution or revolution?

In a recent New York Times article, Carla Cooper, CEO of Daymon Worldwide, a private-brand development company, was asked what her playbook is for turning around a situation. Cooper said, “you have to get faster and faster at this. You have to quickly evaluate and assess the business and the people, and then figure out […]

Are Your Managers Prepared for Gen Y?

I recently watched several documentaries marking the 50th anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s assassination. One report revealed that two-thirds of the population were not even born when it happened in 1963. Just think about this fact. The assassination was part of the DNA of a generation, many of whom are managers in mortgage banking today. […]