Can Your Sales Force Really Prospect?

Last week, I attended the MBA’s Secondary Market conference in New York City. My discussions with many of the attendees centered on two themes: why Gen Ys prefer renting to buying and how to increase production. Both topics I think lead to a broader question for managers: Do you have a sales professionals who can […]

Are You Hiring High-Integrity Originators?

At Berkshire Hathaway’s annual meeting a few weeks ago, Vice Chairman Charlie Munger was asked what his thoughts are regarding the present state of business and the distrustful culture that most businesses operate under. His response might surprise you. Munger said that “instead of filling your ranks with lawyers and compliance people, hire people that […]

Do you have a nimble sales culture?

As we move further into the year, it is evident that our industry continues to face significant challenges to success. To be sure, the remainder of 2014 promises to be no cakewalk. Sales organizations that win in 2014 will have sales cultures that are flexible, efficient and passionate. When discussing how to establish an effective […]

It’s Not Rocket Science!

During recent visits with lenders, the number one question I am asked is “How can we improve our sales team’s results?” In my opinion, there are only three things that change sales results — everything else is fluff. If you are serious about having better results, you need to implement these strategies today! One of […]