What Drives Success in Cross Selling?

Everyone realizes that selling has changed — products are commodities and buyer choices are extensive. The value of products and services has declined since buyers perceive they can get them from many providers. For instance, once Apple came out with its iPhone, a slew of competitors surfaced. There are always others who will jump in […]

Is it Time to Move from 100% Commission?

A recent MSN Real Estate article described the state of the industry for real estate agents and the picture is not pretty. Technological advances and more knowledgeable consumers who are demanding discounts have left real estate agents embattled. One New Jersey broker-agent observed, “There are twice as many agents pounding the street but in the […]

5 Tips to Increase Sales Today

When I’m in the field, the most frequently asked question I get is “What can originators do to increase sales today?” The advice I give is from Rich Conlow’s Superstar Sales which I think is right on target in terms of what really turns around sales performance. 1. Talk to more prospects each day. Sounds […]