7 Strategies for Sales Success in 2015

As 2015 picks up steam, many management teams are looking to identify new opportunities for growth to increase revenue. Some companies pursue mergers and acquisitions while others roll out new products and pricing. Regardless of what strategies your company traditionally uses, it is worth exploring a wide range of opportunities for maximum growth. Global management […]

Is Sales Origination a Numbers Game?

Every originator and manager has heard that well-known truism “sales is a numbers game” from their first day in the business. The assumption is that if salespeople present their product/service to enough prospects, eventually somebody will take what they’re offering. Managers have translated this cliché into a formula: If x number of customers are presented […]

How Often Are Your Salespeople Really Prospecting?

In recent discussions with sales executives, I have asked a critical question: “What percentage of time do your salespeople prospect for new referral sources?” Most managers estimate that originators are prospecting 70% of the time. However, when we tracked actual prospecting efforts, in many cases, that percentage is actually closer to 10% to 20%. With […]