Do Your Originators Sweat the Small Stuff?

Similar to sports and other competitive efforts, in selling the difference between winning and losing is very small. The difference between being first or second often comes down to a fraction of a second in a horse race or making a few putts over four days of competition in golf. This law of incremental differences […]

Are You a Change Leader?

Last week, I discussed the four horsemen of business success —being faster, better, cheaper and friendlier and how this challenge has faced companies and their leaders for centuries. As Sydney Harris, a well-known journalist for the Chicago Sun-Times, aptly said “our dilemma is that we hate change and love it at the same time; what […]

The Real Reasons Originators Leave

In this current environment, many mortgage companies are continuing to experience high turnover. Managers believe that the primary reason originators leave is for more money. While this may be true for a small percentage, research shows that the majority of originators who change companies (80-90 percent) do so for reasons other than money. Studies show […]

Do You Know the Real Secret to Sales Success?

What’s the secret to sales success? Happy customers! Yes it really is that simple. Just look at the most successful companies over the last decade (Apple, Google, Zappos). What do they have in common? Customer trust. Customer happiness. Customer delight and focus. Executives will often state that they are committed to the customer, but when […]