The Importance of Quality Processors

It is no secret that that all phases of mortgage origination are undergoing dramatic change. Whether its new regulations or customer buying habits, everything is in a state of flux and the old ways of origination are under scrutiny. For example, does it make sense to have a distributed sales model when customers want answers […]

Scaling your Sales Team for Growth

Whether you manage a team of originators or run a mortgage company, the critical issue is always how to move the group to the next level or scale the business. Of course, riding the wave and hoping for the best might work for a while but at some point, selecting a strategy becomes the most […]

How to Implement a Coaching Culture

Coaching is certainly a popular management term in business today. Every company says that they have a coaching culture, but many times it is fiction and not fact. In my consulting practice what I see is a lot of talk about coaching, but not a lot of action. If a sales organization is really serious […]