Why Conventional Wisdom isn’t Smart Anymore

Conventional wisdom is prevalent in the business world. As we all have seen and even experienced in corporate life, conventional wisdom assumes that old ideas always work and that these assumptions should not be challenged. While conventional wisdom may hold true in some circumstances, it does not hold true in changing situations. Eric Romero, Ph.D, […]

Why Market Share Strategies Fail

A recent Stratmor survey revealed that the primary growth strategy of lenders, especially independent mortgage bankers, is stealing market share from other lenders through branch acquisitions. No question that mortgage bankers have committed to this approach. Firms such as Stearns, Caliber, Guaranteed Rate and others have certainly climbed the leaderboard in market share. The critical […]

Have We Reached the End of Open Houses?

  A recent New York Times article discussed the virtual reality technology that Halstead, a leading real estate developer, has invested in to provide a realistic walk around its new building construction. Matthew J. Leone, senior vice president of digital marketing for Terra Holdings, Halstead’s parent company, noted, “We sell based on emotion and attaching that […]

Ignore Sales Superstars at Your Own Risk

  Most sales managers contend that they want a company of sales superstars but in reality, they manage using a bell shape curve (normal distribution) with 80% as average and two sets of producers at the extremes — great originators and under-performers. The normal distribution model is used for determining pay, resources and rewards. The […]