The Key to Great Referral Source Relationships

  In my sales training sessions, on how to improve referral source relationships, many originators report that they have a strictly transactional relationship with their sources. In my view, this is a classic “taker” strategy. “Takers” act out of self-interest in order to get as much out of others as possible. These producers view their […]

Why Niche Marketing is the Best Sales Strategy

In my sales training classes, I ask students: “Is everyone your potential customer?” Many originators will say “Yes” but the truth is everyone is not your potential customer for the simple reason that every sales person has a sweet spot where certain customers and referral sources are a better match than others. Frankly, being a […]

Time to Retool LO Job Descriptions

  Back in December, the MBA  reported that net profit for lenders had declined to $1,238 per loan in the third quarter of 2015 with the cost to originate roughly at $7,100 per loan. The first quarter of this year looks to be even worse with the implementation of TRID regulations. I have even heard […]