Are Your Originators Digital Exiles?

One of the top issues in mortgage banking is the question of how new technology will impact mortgage origination.  In previous years, the back office has received all the technological focus and now it is time to shift that attention to the front-line. Certainly, agencies and vendors are finally coming out with products to address […]

Black Swans and Mortgage Sales

The refinance market seems to finally be coming to end with the recent interest rate increase. While the writing has been on the wall for a while, it is amazing how many managers and their companies are acting shocked. The most striking thing about it is how many are unprepared for what has been discussed […]

The Hard Reality of Low Production Numbers

A recent analysis of loan officer performance for a mid-Atlantic state in 2016 revealed shockingly low production numbers. According to the data, the state had approximately 9,000 originators but only 300 originators produced $10 million in annual volume. In the past, $10 million in annual volume was not considered exemplary performance but in a refinance-driven […]

The First Question All Originators Must Answer

The beginning of each year always sparks the desire to make improvements in our personal and business lives. From losing weight to increasing personal productivity, there are an unlimited number of resolutions to consider. Deciding where and how to begin can be difficult. Productivity experts typically suggest outlining goals and listing plans — essentially starting […]