False Assumptions and Mortgage Sales

This year, there has been no shortage of big name companies that were sold due to failing financial performance. One of the most recent, Whole Foods grocery chain, was purchased by Amazon after succumbing to increased competition in the organic food market and the resulting lower profit margins. Just this past week, Sears announced it […]

How to Manage Inconsistent Originators

For managers, there is no challenge more frustrating than working with originators who have sales talent but are inconsistent producers. In my consulting practice, I often hear senior managers share their personal torment regarding these individuals. Managers feel these producers could be great and have been known to spend countless hours attempting to develop their […]

What Works In Motivating Originators

  In today’s tougher origination marketplace, managers are struggling to help producers switch from reactive to proactive selling techniques. Frankly, they are not having much success. In my consulting practice, I find that managers are often mistaken about what really motivates their sales professionals. Many assume that higher basis points, lucrative contests or president’s club trips […]