Is Selling an Art or Science?

  I have been asking sales leaders the age-old question: Is selling an art or a science? A decade ago, most managers would’ve answered that it was an art. Today, leaders will admit that selling is more science than art. That doesn’t mean that selling is 100% science, but I think that managers recognize that […]

Micromanagers and Their Impact on the Sales Team

  For originators, one of the most frustrating scenarios is working for a micromanager. At some point, everyone has experienced this type of controlling boss — someone who focuses on the details to such a degree that he or she creates an oppressive work environment. Never satisfied with any deliverable, micromanagers love to nit-pick and […]

How to Manage “Comfort Zone” Originators

Every company has originators who are pleasant, likeable and hit their budgeted goals every once in a while in a strong market. In many ways, these sales professionals are consistent but definitely not stars. These individuals may be helpful but when goals shift higher, they can’t seem to get out of their “comfort zone” and […]