The Seven Deadly Sins of Sales Groups

As science fans know, the Drake equation is a formula for predicting the number of active, communicative extraterrestrial civilizations in the Milky Way galaxy. This math-based equation is a generally accepted tool used by the scientific community to identify specific factors thought to play a role in estimating the number of technological civilizations that may […]

The Importance of a Structured Hiring and Selling Process

During a recent conversation, a mortgage executive expressed concern about installing a structured hiring and selling process even though the organization had a 40% turnover rate. In his opinion, the company’s claim to fame was centered on allowing managers to hire who they wanted and to implement their own sales process. The company’s role was […]

Two Sales Metrics that Really Matter in Origination

This year, a projected 20% reduction in volume is forcing many sales organizations to address difficult issues in order to improve sales results.  Traditionally, mortgage firms have attempted to increase production by hiring more originators. Others are counting on technology to make the difference in reducing costs and generating more business. In my opinion, the […]

What First-Time Home Buyers Need

Since there has been so much discussion this past year on whether technology will replace originators, I thought I would share my niece’s experience purchasing her first home. What made all the difference? Her loan officer! My niece got married last June at age 36. She has wanted to own a home for a while […]