The Conundrum of Meeting Expectations

For years, mortgage banking managers have measured success based on whether the salesperson met the buyer’s expectations. In my opinion, this thinking is outdated because in today’s world of selling 3.0, simply meeting customer expectations is by definition mediocre.  Yes, mediocre. A mediocre customer experience is not enough to instill the loyalty needed to generate […]

Why Having a Tribe Matters in Sales Success

Two weeks ago, another national lender announced that it was closing its consumer direct business due to unprofitability. The organization’s sales approach was to buy leads and try to refinance them. This marketing approach is expensive and as a result, the company couldn’t cover the costs involved with bidding for leads. Five years ago when […]

Are You Willing to Be a Disruptor?

    As a sales organization “fixer,” I see first-hand how companies are defining their current sales problems in terms of external events such as rising interest rates, compressed margins and too many regulations. In my opinion, this outward focus masks the real issues why a company fails to implement essential changes. Too often, change […]