Why Being a Good Originator Isn’t Enough Anymore

  In today’s ultra-competitive marketplace, being a good salesperson isn’t enough to generate new business. These originators meet expectations but don’t go above and beyond to deliver an exceptional customer experience. They tend to perform well during refinance markets but lose momentum in purchase money markets because they don’t stand out amid their competitors. Good […]

The Truth About Solving LO Accountability Issues

During my recent MBA webinar on increasing sales production, many participants raised questions about how to make loan officers more accountable. This has always been a hot topic for lenders and their managers but the issue is especially critical as we approach 2020 and the formidable challenges that lie ahead. Knowing what drives accountability and […]

Three “OK Boomer” Moments in Mortgage Banking

  Recently, the catchphrase “OK Boomer” has been trending in the media and on the Internet. The saying gained popularity when CNN showed a video of Chlöe Swarbrick speaking about the Zero Carbon Bill in New Zealand. When she was heckled by an older official, she casually dropped a sharp-tongued retort — “OK Boomer” — […]

What I Learned from This Year’s MBA Conference

At the MBA conference last week, I spoke with many senior executives at a variety of different-sized lenders about the state of mortgage banking and their concerns for the immediate future. Out of those conversations, two primary topics emerged: Many senior managers acknowledge that the refinance boom-let has made them profitable, but they also recognize […]

Mastering the Fundamentals of Good Storytelling

Everyone loves a good story. For adults and children alike, the best stories make a lasting impression. Who doesn’t remember the story of George Washington chopping down the cherry tree and the value of telling the truth. While originators aren’t tasked to share life lessons, they are challenged to connect with prospects in a meaningful […]

Top Selling Technique for Originators: Storytelling

  Everyone in mortgage origination knows that selling has changed dramatically from just a few years ago.  Not that long ago, salespeople held all the information and customers had to contact them to get access to it. Now, buyers can conduct research online 24/7 to answer their home financing questions before reaching out to a […]

Content Curation Done the Right and Wrong Way!

  The best sales professionals realize sharing valuable content with their connections is a great way to stay top of mind among their target audience and to generate leads.  Originators have a number of different options when it comes to delivering content to prospects and referral sources. One of the most effective tactics is to […]