“White Lies” that Drive Low Retention

Recently, an originator asked me for advice about changing lenders. The grievances that the originator had with the current lender centered on three issues: Failure of the lender to have a consistent follow-up system or CRM to contact the originator’s previous customers and expecting the originator to do it on their own. Failure to give […]

“Spray and Pray” Marketing is Dead

When speaking to originators and their managers, I hear frequent complaints about how tough origination is now. Many executives lament that their usual marketing efforts aren’t working as they once did. Unfortunately, many are still using a “spray and pray” approach to marketing. This strategy involves distributing mass marketing pieces and hoping that the message […]

Are You Running Your Business Like an Ostrich?

Last week, a lender reached out to me regarding consulting services because the company’s production was down 20% from the previous year. This is a familiar scenario in mortgage banking where companies that once had high volumes are experiencing lower production and higher costs. The big question is what can lenders do to turn around their […]