What Car Salespeople Can Teach Originators

Last week, shock waves rippled through mortgage banking after 50 basis points were unexpectedly added to refinance loan fees. This action took a lot of lenders by surprise and sent many originators into panic mode. This is yet another example that the business world is filled with events that can seemingly come out of nowhere. […]

What Every Manager Should Be Asking Employees During the Pandemic

  Before the Covid-19 virus swept through the country, industries were already facing unprecedented challenges from technological innovation to dramatic shifts in consumer buying behavior.  But amid this global pandemic, selling has never been more difficult. Mortgage managers, originators, and home loan prospects alike are operating in an environment of extreme uncertainty about what the […]

Good Managers and the Remote Working World

  Every day, we are witnessing changes that many predicted would be coming to the mortgage landscape, but now they have arrived. From online loan processing to video conferencing, our industry is undergoing a fundamental shift. While it is hard to concentrate on the future when the present is so robust with refinance volume, mortgage […]