The Hidden Challenges in 2021 for Mortgage Lenders

  In a recent Inman article, a Keller Williams executive discussed the challenges facing the company in 2021, noting that like other large legacy firms,  “while we have a profitable business, it takes time and effort to adapt to some of the industry’s big changes such as compressing commissions and increased competition pushing agent splits […]

Is Anyone Interested in Executive Management Anymore?

  A senior executive at an independent mortgage firm recently confided how hard it is to interest branch managers in taking executive-level positions. What he hears most frequently from branch managers is, “I wouldn’t want your job! Too many headaches!” I have heard similar remarks from other executives who believe employees are no longer interested […]

Mortgage Origination and the Digital Revolution

  Last week, Warner Bros. announced that all of its 2021 movie releases —17 in all – will be available on HBO Max (a streaming service) on the same day they debut in movie theatres. This is a major break from previous practices that had given movie theatres a competitive advantage by delaying a film’s […]