Why Hiring Based Solely on a Sales Candidate’s Interview is a Mistake

In a recent article from The MReport, mortgage managers discussed their strategies for selecting and retaining new hires. While many managers easily evaluated sales candidates based on production reports, they often had difficulty trying to assess an originator’s people skills. To help them finalize a hiring decision, managers said they frequently relied on how well […]

The Holy Grail of Origination Success

During a recent discussion,  a mortgage banking executive shared his objectives for the year ahead, noting, “I want all of my originators to be ‘up and out’ and meeting referral sources and customers in 2022.” This isn’t newsworthy for any sales professional. Frankly, it’s their job to connect with as many people as possible within […]

Are You Overtalking with Prospective Clients?

  All sales professionals know that their main objective is to persuade potential buyers to select them over their competitors. In mortgage banking, this is a monumental challenge considering the vast number of originators chasing after a finite group of prospects. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that there are 322,000 loan officers in the […]

Are You Zigging When Others Are Zagging?

In every conversation I’ve had regarding the 2022 mortgage banking forecast, it’s clear that the year ahead will be challenging for lenders and originators.  For those new to the industry, this might be a shock but experienced producers are all too familiar with the industry’s boom-or-bust cycles. To be sure, interest rate fluctuations, housing supply […]

The Key to Improving “B” Originators

During a recent conversation, a mortgage banking executive shared how difficult it is for some originators to transition from the easy business of borrowers shopping for lower interest rates to the arguably tougher sell: Convincing prospects that financing a home loan for 30 years is in their best interest. Even when producers recognize and admit […]

The Solution to Poor Online Customer Reviews

During my training classes, I always ask students to check online ratings to see how borrowers feel about their lender’s customer experience. I also review a lender’s Glassdoor ratings to gain insight on employees’ experience with a company. I was curious whether borrower ratings were similar to employee ratings or not. Did consumer ratings correlate […]

Professional Selling is Always Personalized!

During a recent conversation with a mortgage banking executive, we discussed the sales behaviors that separate top producers from the rest of the pack. The senior manager observed that the best originators always personalize their interactions with former clients. Indeed, top originators set aside time to regularly contact past customers in a way that deepens […]