Three Solutions to Win: “It’s a Dog Fight in Mortgage Origination.”

  Last week, a mortgage executive exclaimed, “It’s a dog fight in mortgage origination!” as he described the current lending environment. Indeed, fierce competition, crazy pricing and non-existent housing inventory have created additional challenges in an already volatile marketplace. To compound these issues, Zillow recently noted that almost 50% of sellers are receiving contracts for […]

It is Time to Get Serious About Prospecting

In 2020, many originators pushed prospecting to the backburner. Thanks to the record-breaking refinance boom, originators were able to hit volume and income goals without much effort in the prospecting department. This year, a very different story is playing out. While interest rates are still low, marketplace volatility has complicated the financial outlook. A recent […]

It’s Time to Stop Selling and Become a Trusted Advisor

  Every salesperson knows that transactional selling is no longer relevant in today’s marketplace. With unlimited access to information online, prospects and customers conduct research on their own and don’t need someone to explain product features and benefits. However, this creates another issue for consumers that originators are uniquely positioned to solve. With so much […]