Do Your Originators Have the Skills to Move Borrowers to a Decision?

Many managers believe that improving their originators’ product knowledge is one of the most important investments they can make. The reasoning makes sense given that mortgage loan products are the lynchpin of the mortgage selling process. Qualifying borrowers and slotting them into the appropriate loan is essential for an originator’s success. However, managers tend to […]

Overdependent on Top Producers to Hit Volume Goals?

In my recent conversations, mortgage executives have repeatedly lamented that their top producers are holding them hostage over resources, money and pricing. Especially troubling is that these high-performance sales professionals invariably tend to jump ship after the lender has conceded to their demands. In most cases, lenders have not even broken even before top producers […]

The Top 5 Hiring Mistakes in Mortgage Banking

  In the last 24 months, I have conducted more than 60 interviews with senior executives from all sectors of mortgage banking for my top-rated podcast, Mortgage Manager Playbook. With careers in TPO, Retail and Consumer Direct and an average 25 years in the industry, these individuals have done everything from launch phenomenally successful start-ups […]