What it Takes to Earn Repeat and Referral Business

Mortgage managers and LOs know that capturing repeat and referral business from previous customers is mandatory for long-term success. When selling to former borrowers, the cost of acquisition is much lower than marketing to attract new customers. So, what does it take to keep customers coming back and referring their family and friends? Simply put, […]

The Secret to Sales Success in Mortgage Banking

Selling success requires a commitment from LOs to “get better every day” by learning something new and practicing the habits that separate top originators from average or sub-par producers. It is easy for LOs to say I will do it tomorrow or when things slow down or when I have more money to invest in […]

Getting Comfortable with Sales Discomfort

  During a recent conversation, a senior executive shared how hard it’s been for some originators to transition from the easy business of the refinance boom to the tougher grind of purchase money. While managers and originators alike readily acknowledge that selling tactics need to change if they want to survive – and thrive – […]

Has Your Organization Mastered High-Tech, High-Touch?

  There is no question that the pandemic accelerated trends that were already emerging in mortgage banking and as a result, lenders have been super-focused on updating technology in an attempt to stay ahead of the curve. While much of the emphasis has been on streamlining the loan process, the human side of the transaction […]