3 Critical Questions to Position LOs for Success

In mortgage banking, referral sources are the lifeblood of sustainable success for originators. But, before your sales team reaches out to potential partners and borrowers, they must answer fundamental questions about themselves and their target audience to effectively connect. Here’s a closer look at what LOs need to know: • Question 1: What makes you […]

Get Back to Basics for Better Sales Results

As LOs scramble to hit production goals in a challenging market, many lenders are searching for answers in all the wrong places. While adopting new technology or holding a big sales rally might seem like a logical next step, these options are not enough to generate loan demand long-term. In my experience, the only way […]

Getting a Grip on the Housing Affordability Crunch

A recent study conducted by Lending Tree brought the housing affordability crunch into focus and identified the demographic groups most likely to be impacted. If lenders and LOs are going to effectively serve potential borrowers, understanding the scope of the affordability crisis is an essential part of the puzzle. Here’s a closer look: • The […]

Target Success: The Mortgage-Ready Market Opportunity

Rising costs on goods and services, interest rate fluctuations, low housing inventory, affordability concerns ­– the barriers to homeownership are real but recent research from Freddie Mac indicates that there is a massive opportunity for LOs to connect with mortgage-ready individuals. Here’s what you need to know: •  In its ground-breaking report, “Who Are The […]

The Sure-Fire Strategy to Generate More Loan Volume

Limited housing inventory, affordability concerns and fallout from inflation continue to complicate the mortgage banking landscape. For lenders struggling to fill their pipelines with new loan apps, the answer may lie in expanding their product lines, according to Joe Camerieri, EVP of sales and strategy at Mortgage Cadence. Why it matters: • “If lenders can’t […]

3 Strategies to Grow Your Referral Network

According to a Loan Officer Hub originator survey, 92% of participants said that the most reliable way to expand your referral network is to “provide value.” And indeed, at the heart of every referral relationship is a strong desire to help your target audience succeed – whether that’s advising a repeat customer on refinancing a […]